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Silk Paper Making

You will need:

silk fiber

fabric medium

liquid dish detergent

lightweight netting or screen

paint bushes, wide & stiff

Basic silk paper:

Lay out your netting in a tray or on plastic sheeting. Separate a small amount of silk fiber by pulling them from the top or side of the hank. Lay them on the netting so that they run parallel, in an even layer as large as you wish your paper to be. Continue with 2 more layers, each running at a right angle to the layer below. Cover this with another piece of netting.

Mix a drop or two of detergent with a cup of water, paint liberally over the silk layers, turning it over a few times. Be sure to get it completely soaked through. Blot lightly with a rag to get rid of excess suds and drips.

Paint textile medium (you may dilute it up to 1 to1) over the silk layers, coating them thoroughly but without excess over both sides. Blot with a cotton rag. Lay to dry on a cake rack. When completely dry, carefully peel off netting, and press silk paper beneath a pressing cloth with a medium iron.

Be sure to experiment with the silk fibers - try making your paper very thin, thick, or vary the thickness and direction of your fibers. Try adding more texture using silk noil, threads, etc.



Note: Use a good quality hand cream before you start to make the handling of the silk fibers easier, they like to attach themselves to any little rough spots.

All instructions ęDebra Olbrantz Meinke

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