#SBT Spectra® Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue™
Spectra® Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue™Spectra® Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue™

Spectra® Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue™ is an extremely high quality, deluxe-grade tissue that "bleeds" when it is wet, resulting in a beautiful watercolor look.  It can be used on both paper and fabric.

To use, lay the torn/ripped/cut tissue onto paper or fabric and wet the tissue completely with a brush or spray with water.  If you want to blend colors, overlap two colors of tissue.  If you want a darker color, use another layer of tissue over the first and brush or spray with water again.  Let the tissue completely dry overnight.  You now have a beautifully colored piece of paper or fabric.  Use the original tissue paper to add to collages - no fuss, no muss, no waste!

Iron the fabric after is has dried to set the color.  If the fabric is washed, the color will fade.

To create multi-layered collage effects, add glue to the water to hold the shapes in place.

The tissue is extremely durable and can be cut, crinkled or folded without tearing.  It is also recyclable.

Available in 12"x18" sheets - 50 sheets of 25 assorted colors (2 of each color).

Made in the U.S.A.

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