Jones Tones Puff Paint
Jones Tones Puff PaintJones Tones Puff Paint
Jones Tones PUFF Paint EXPANDS with HEAT!

  • Create dimensional patterns on your Art Quilts, Clothing, Crafts & Paper
  • Permanent
  • Non Toxic
  • Water Based
  • Acid Free

The Jones Tones Puff Paint is an expandable medium which can be applied to the surface of fabric, paper or other surfaces with a brush, brayer or sponge.  It can also be used directly from the squeeze bottle.  After application, let the puff paint dry flat for 5 hours. To puff, hold a steam iron over the dry paint for 5 - 30 seconds.  The paint will expand to approximately 5 times the size of the dried paint.  

For hard surfaces, use a heat gun (hold 6” away) to puff the paint. 

After the paint has been puffed, it can be painted.

Wait 72 hours before washing. Use delicate cycle to wash.

Available in 2 sizes ( 2 oz. and 4 oz. cylinder bottles with fine tip) and 2 colors, black and white.

Jones Tones Puff Paint is an alternative to Xpandaprint or Pebeo Expandable Paint, which are also heat expandable mediums.


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