#HJ-LSS Lacy's Stiff Stuff
Lacy's Stiff Stuff
Lacy's Stiff Stuff is THE premium beading foundation!
  • It is thin, yet incredibly durable.
  • It is smooth and won't snag your threads.
  • It will hold up to washing and weather and will not shrink.
  • It is stiff, yet your beading or sewing needle will glide right through it.
  • Because it is a solid, stiff surface, it can be easily dyed or painted, glued, sewn on and cut.
  • If want to attach a cabochon bead, just glue it on with E6000 and then bead a bezel around it.  The glue dries in approximately 20 minutes and you are then ready to bead.
  • You can draw, trace or use an embroidery transfer on it.
  • It can be dyed easily with Rit Dye or painted with fabric paint.  Just let it dry and you are ready to start your project. The benefit of doing this is that your background won't show through when you are doing your bead embroidery.
  • You can use fabric markers on it.
  • Because it is thin, yet firm, it is very easy to sew a decorative bead edging around your piece to finish it off.

Pellon and other interfacings are not a substitute for Lacy's Stiff Stuff! You may think you are saving money by buying another product, but why take the chance of spending hours and hours, not to mention money, making a project and have the substrate fail you.  I personally have covered an entire 8-1/2x11 inch sheet of Lacy's with two pieces of rock that were thinly cut into designs and glued to the Lacy's, and then I beaded entirely around the rock pieces.  The Lacy's did not warp, tear or rip.  Trust me when I say that the Lacy's was not handled gently.  There are thousands of beads on it, plus the rock pieces, and I still have to finish the edges, which are still firm enough to bead on. 

Sold as an 8-1/2x11 inch full sheet, a 4-1/4x11 inch half-sheet (perfect for a bracelet) or a 4-1/4x5-1/2 inch quarter sheet (perfect for a cabochon.

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Full Sheet $5.50
Half Sheet $2.75
Quarter Sheet $1.50


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