#STMF Screen-Trans Metallic Foil
Screen-Trans Metallic Foil

Screen-Trans Metallic Foils are professional grade foils for textile and craft applications.  We carry all of the colors and patterns of the Screen-Trans Metallic Foil Transfer Sheets that are available.

The foils can be used on fabric, wood, paper, and other surfaces. The foils can be transferred to the desired surface using Foil Glue, Bonash Bonding Powder, Hot Spots, foil tape (double-sided tape) or a fusible web, such as Misty Fuse.

Remember that the foils are always applied with the color side facing up.  If you are applying the foils using fusible web or Hot Spots,  always use a piece of parchment paper, pressing cloth, or teflon sheet between the iron and the foil.  A medium-hot iron should be used.  If the iron is too hot, the foil will pucker and melt and won't release its color.

According to the manufacturer, once your fabric has been foiled, it can be laundered using water and a gentle soap on a gentle wash cycle.  The item should not be placed in the dryer.  DO NOT iron the items once they have been foiled.

1 yard (12"x36") sheet.  The sheets will be folded for shipping purposes.

The colors available are:

Silver, Gold (first gold on the chart), Chinese Gold (second gold on the chart-it is a little softer), Copper, Red, Royal Blue, Aqua, Fuschia, Green, Black, Purple (not shown on the chart) and Rainbow Swirl

See the list below for ordering.

Chinese Gold
Royal Blue
Rainbow Swirl
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