#BB-Shisha Shisha Glass Mirrors
Shisha Glass MirrorsShisha Glass Mirrors

Shisha Glass Mirrors have been used as embellishments for decorative items, clothing and jewelry for hundreds of years in South and Central Asia.  Shisha Glass Mirrors have no holes in them, so they are held down by making a frame around them using decorative embroidery stitches.  It is easier to sew them down if your fabric is placed in a hoop.  If you use very tight embroidery stitches, less of the mirror will show, while loose stitches allow more of the mirror to show.  A variety of embroidery stitches may be used to make the "frame" surrounding the mirrors.

The mirrors that we sell are high quality and are not mirror "chips," which generally have sharp and jagged edges.  If you should find an area that needs smoothing, gently sand it with a piece of Crocus Cloth, which is included with every order.

Available in quantities of ten in 4 sizes: .50 inches (13mm), .71 inches (18mm), 1 inch and 1.25 inches

You will receive 10 pieces of round Shisha Glass Mirrors in each size that you choose.




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