#H-LMC Hemp Yarn/Cording - Light Morning Coffee
Hemp Yarn/Cording - Light Morning Coffee

Hemp is a plant that grows in many places, including Nepal. The Hemp Yarn/Cording we sell is 100% Wild Nepali Hemp.

For centuries hemp has been used to create textiles, as well as rope, pulp and paper. Because it is so strong and durable, it can be used for macrame, weaving and braiding. It can be hand sewn through loose weave fabric using a Big Eye Needle. I would suggest using short lengths of the yarn/cording. You can also knot, twist and couch it down with decorative threads. You could also make your own decorating cording to use an edging or an embellishment by using the Hemp Yarn/Cording as the base and adding other decorative threads. Run the whole bunch through your sewing machine using a zig-zag stitch with metallic threads to create some stunning cording.

You will receive 10 yards for $2.75.




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