#HF Stoneware Heart Faces
Stoneware Heart Faces

Our Handmade Stoneware Heart Faces are a perfect focal point or accent for your fiber art and mixed media creations.

Each Heart Face has a hole on either side for sewing it on with decorative beads or threads. You could also attach it by making a beaded bezel and placing either decorative threads or beads through the holes. The holes could also be embellished and then it could be glued onto a mixed media project with E6000, or comparable glue. You could also attach a button shank with glue. Buy multiple hearts, link them together with decorative threads or chain, and then sew or glue the entire piece to your project.

The high fired stoneware is durable and waterproof. A thin, gloss glaze of color complements the design perfectly.

The Handmade Stoneware Heart Face measures 1 and 1/4 inches tall and is smooth and unglazed on the back.

The Heart Face you receive will be the style and color shown on the photo. The colors may vary slightly, as each Stoneware Heart Face is handmade right here in the U.S.A. and each Heart Face is unique! The Stoneware Heart Faces are available in six luscious colors. Starting at the top center and moving around clockwise, the colors are: Moss Green ~ Teal Blue/Green ~ Pomegranate Purple ~ Autumn Rust ~ Purple ~ and Rich Blue



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