#SS SoftSculpt Heat Formable Foam Sheets
SoftSculpt Heat Formable Foam Sheets

As seen in Gwen Hedley's book Surfaces for Stitch, SoftSculpt is a thermoplastic foam offering many exciting possibilities to the designer for creating both 3D forms and low relief effects. It is available in 8.5 x 11inch sheets in two weights. The lightweight 1/8 inch (approx.) is suitable for finer work, such as thin low relief stitched patches/discs etc. and delicate 3D forms. The heavyweight 1/4 inch (approx.) is suitable for heavier 3D structures, such as masks, frames and stitched patches/plaques with deeper relief.

After heating at 140 degrees C or 280 degrees F for 60 - 90 seconds in an electric oven or with an iron, SoftSculpt can be molded over any shape, manipulated by hand or impressed with any low relief texture - fork, printing block, etc. Within a few seconds it takes on a new form, which you can color and then stitch into. It is ideal for creating surface additions for textiles and also for use as printing blocks.

This thermoplastic foam is also known as Form-a-Foam and Hot Stuff Sheets.


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