#TTX Abaca Tissue (Tissutex)
Abaca Tissue (Tissutex)

Abaca Tissue (Tissutex is a brand name for Abaca Tissue) is a paper is made from the long staple abaca fibre which, despite its delicate appearance, has great wet strength and is basically the same as tea bag paper - but without the perforations. Unlike ordinary tissue paper, it can be glued and dyed without disintegrating. Laminated to itself or to other papers or fabrics, it can contain papers, threads or fibers or be collaged in layers. It can be marbled, tie-dyed or scrunched into textured paper which, when dried and surface treated, can be made to resemble leather.

Our tissue comes in 3 different weights and sizes (gsm=grams per square meter)

Heavy Weight (20 gsm) - Approx. 19.5" x 36"

Medium Weight (12.3 gsm) - Approx. 40" x 36"

Thin (9gsm) - Approx. 36.5" x 36"

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