#ZEE-M Zeelon Medium
Zeelon MediumZeelon Medium

Zeelon is the newest heat distressable fabric. It is different from Lutradur, in that it's fine fiber distribution can give you good dyeing results.  Like Evolon it can be dyed with acid dyes, like Lutradur it can be distressed with a heat tool. It can be colored with any water based paint, and because of its ultra smooth surface, it can be sculpted and etched with a craft soldering iron. You can sew it, cut it, glue it, spray it, paint it, embroider it, print on it and it will not fray.  It does work with transfer paints, and you might want to try block printing on it.  This is a versatile medium weight Zeelon. 

Approx. 39" wide x 36" long.

*We recommend the use of a respirator when heat treating all materials.

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Yard (36 inch) $13.95 (1 in stock)
Half Yard (18 inch) $7.50 (out of stock)
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