#Chizimi Chizimi Shrinking Thread
Chizimi Shrinking Thread

Chizimi Shrinking Thread is a special polyester thread that sews like regular thread until it is exposed to steam.  When exposed to steam, the thread shrinks 30% to create shirring and gathers.  Use it in the bobbin only for less puckering, and in the bobbin and as the top thread for more puckering.  It will work on all fabrics, but it works best with lightweight fabrics such as silk, chffon or organza.  330 yards.

HINT:  When steaming, hold your iron above the fabric and let the steam do the work for you.  If you iron the fabric, it will not gather properly.  Although Chizimi is washable, if you iron the fabric after washing, the fabric will lose the the gathers.



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