#GEHist8.5x11 EZ Art Screens-Historical

EZ Art Screens 8.5"x11"
You can use your screens with spray paint, etching paste, textile paint, oil based paints, ceramic paint, ceramic glazes, deColourant, enamels and tube acrylic paints. You can use your screens to print on:

  • Fabric... quilt squares, banners or layer upon layer complex cloth, or yardage to sew.
  • Clothes... vests, scarves, kimonos, kids clothes, t-shirts
  • Ceramics... tiles, cups, bowls, plates and sculpture
  • Glass... etching paste or paint for bottles, glasses, plates, and windows
  • Wood... boxes, trays, chests, tables and chairs
  • Paper... personalized greeting cards, memory albums, journals covers, art collages and hand printed papers
  • Walls... borders, and accents
  • Metal... signs, instrument panels, sculpture


Each set contains one 8.5"x11" EZ Art Screen with copyright-free designs and instructions.Z screen copyright-free design.Each kit contains one 8.5" x 11" PhotoEZ screen copyright-free design.

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