#GEKoiTriplet EZ Art Screens-Koi Triplet
EZ Art Screens-Koi TripletEZ Art Screens-Koi Triplet

EZ Art Screens

You can use these readymade screens with spray paint, etching paste, deColourant, textile paint, oil based paints, ceramic paint, ceramic glazes, enamels, fabric dyes and tube acrylic paints.

The Triplet Screen kits provide you with an assortment of all over patterns, borders and spot designs, chosen to work well together on clothing, art quilts, wallhangings or mixed media art work.

In the kits shown, the combination of dye and paint creates the illusion of veils hanging in space.  Panels can be made separately and then either inset or appliqued onto a piece of clothing.  Gwen Gibson and Maggie Backman have developed a technique for silk screening dyes onto silk.  Dye penetrates the fiber without changing its texture - creating deep, rich color.  Full instructions are included with each Triplet kit.

Each kit contains three 4.25"x5" EZ Art Screens with five copyright-free designs, chosen to work together. Includes instructions.


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