#SPIRSING Shiva Paintstiks-Iridescent Singles
Shiva Paintstiks-Iridescent SinglesShiva Paintstiks-Iridescent Singles

Shiva Paintstiks (marketed under the name Markal Paintstiks outside of the U.S.) are formulated from quality pigments that are mixed with a small amount of low-acid linseed oil and a very refined wax, which is then formed into a stick, looking a lot like an oversized crayon that is packaged into a tube.  The Paintstiks can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including fabric (both natural and synthetic, leather or suede), plaster, wood, paper and metal, canvas and other porous surfaces.  Unlike other oil bars and oil paints, which may eventually damage fabrics due to their high level of linseed oil, Paintstiks are entirely suitable for fabrics, and the fabrics do not require any special primers before applying the Paintstiks.

Once applied, the color is dried to the touch within 24 hours.  If you are applying them to fabric, wait for 3-5 days and then heat set them with an iron.  Once heat set, the colors are colorfast and washable.

Sold as singles for $8.95 each.

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