#CCRPC Cedar Canyon Rubbing Plates - Curves
Cedar Canyon Rubbing Plates - CurvesCedar Canyon Rubbing Plates - Curves

Oh, let me count the ways in which these fabulous rubbing/texture plates can be used.

First of all, you get 6 rubbing plates which are double sided - this means you actually have 12 different rubbing/texture surfaces for the price of 6.  Now, where can you beat that deal.

Consider these possibilities:  You can transfer the designs/textures to fabric, paper, polymer clay, metal clay, air dry clay (hum, what else?) by making rubbings, applying resists, making molds, using them as mold to cast paper, making monoprints, applying adhesives for foiling, and much, much more.

You could spend countless hours creating with just one set of Rubbing Plates and your favorite mediums and surfaces.

The pictures shown are of samples made with the raised surface of the Rubbing Plates.  They do not show the plates themselves, which are made of a durable, shiny black plastic.

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