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If you want to add a little sparkle to your fiber art, you will love these Swarovski Xilion Lochrose crystal sew-ons.  They have a flat back, a hole in the center for sewing it on and are foil backed. They are a size 4mm, just the right size to add some added pizazz to your project.

Xilion refers to the patented cut, which increases the crystal's brillance and sparkle.

To sew them on, use a size 15 seed bead to act as a stop bead on top of the crystal.  Have your thread come up from the back of the fabric, go through the center hole of the crystal, go through the size 15 bead, and then back down through the center hole of the crystal to the back of the fabric.  The size 15 seed bead acts as an anchor to hold the crystal onto the fabric.

Note: Color swatches are for informational purposes only and may differ from the actual color of the crystals.  Colors on your screen are affected by monitor settings and different web browsers. Slight changes in shades are unavoidable.


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Amethyst 48 crystals $9.60
Amethyst 24 crystals $4.80
Aquamarine 48 crystals $9.60
Aquamarine 24 crystals $4.80
Emerald 48 crystals $9.60
Emerald 24 crystals $4.80
Erinite 48 crystals $9.60
Erinite 24 crystals $4.80
Fuschia 48 crystals $9.60
Fuschia 24 crystals $4.80


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